The Perfect Suit

Tips on how to choose the perfect suit of all times.

There are basic tips which can be followed or considered when making a choice for the suit to wear.

After going through this article, you will have a clear picture on the best suit to wear on.


Point 1: Reason for buying a suit:

This should be your first question to ask yourself.  What is the reason for buying the suit because a suit is kind of a big purchase for a man? These means you need to have a lot of information on choosing the right suit.

Questions to ask before making that choice are

  • Is the suit to be worn on a special occasion; then Navy or black is safe bet for you
  • Is the suit for the office; then you are advised to keep it dark and classic.
  • For interview suit; don’t break the suit.

Point 2: Decision on what you want:

There are different suits which include; Three button, Two button, One button, Peak Lapel, Side Vents etc. Also, the fabric and color of the suit.

  • The type of Fabric

If its your first suit, then stick to a woolen suit because it can be worn year-round.

During Springs and Summer, cotton is the best bet for you. Also, one can wear linen suits for summer days or flannel to keep you warm during harsh winter chills. It is advisable to start with two or three great suits. One can be Navy and the other dark colors.

This suit transition beautifully from day to night, and can be worn with both black and dark-brown shoes.

  • The Button

In the 90’s, the three buttons were very popular. Look for one with a roll-over lapel. One in which you button the middle button, encouraging the soft lapel to roll over the top button. This is best for taller men.


For two buttons, this is the preferred choice for most guys. Shorter men will prefer wearing two button suits.


The one button suit is for those in creative jobs, where the environment is less conservative. It’s not for everyone.


Point 3: Exact measurements:

Take a suit exact your size by knowing your exact measurements using a tape measure.

It’s advisable to re-check your size every year in order to have the best size for your body.

Point 4: Purchasing:

Go for the best material and size for you. Put on the suit on, so as to check if it fits you well. Look for a good place where there are varieties of suits to choose from. Ask for advice from the sales man.

Point 5: Reshaping it:

You should talk to your tailor to check on the size. If the tailor notices the size might be oversize then he/she should reshape it to your size.

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