The Loop on the Back of Your Shirt

Most people look at the loop on the back of their shirt and wonder what it is for. The small band of fabric that sits in the center back of a shirt under the yoke, also known as a locker loop, is known to serve several purposes:


The first, is the most obvious: it is a way to hang your shirt on a hook. This originated fro the US East Coast sailors, who would hang their shirts on ship hooks when changing. This detail soon found itself off the ships and onto the streets. However, it cannot quite apply well as if you hang your shirt this way, it will get wrinkled easily and fast. Guess what happens on the waters should just stay on the waters!

shirt hanging by its back loop

The second reason is that it is a way to help you fasten your tie easier.

The third reason is quite romantic. So after the hooking trend left the ships and into the mainland, Ivy League Colleges picked it up. The locker loop was introduced into US-made Oxford button down shirts in the 1960′s. The students added the loop into their dating lives. They used them to denote relationship status or to show interest. The young man would remove his loop to show that he was already taken by his sweetheart. To show that she was taken, she would wear a scarf with the university’s emblem.

At times, the young ladies would rip the
on the shirts of boys they found cute. The only problem with this is that it would sometimes result in the shirt ripping off. Therefore the guys would take them off so that girls couldn’t run by and yank their shirt to pieces.ripped locker loop

The locker loop’s trend was picked up by brands and they continues till today. However, since the arrival of wardrobes, these locker loops serve no other purpose other than as a decorative design.

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