The Interview Attire

As you walk inside an interview room, the first impression is your look; the way you are dressed up. Different companies have different dressing codes, but this is a guide on how to dress for that dream job of your life time. The way you dress during the interview might be different to the way you will wear while working.




You should always wear a suit in an interview as the suit means work, except if informed otherwise in your invitation to the interview. It’s advisable to look for a suit that will fit you well and that is comfortable. It looks better to dress in a suit than dressing casually.

A dark colored suit is the best bet for you, light colored shirt and a tie. The jacket and the pants must match, wear socks and matching shoes to the color of the suit. Shoes should be well polished and in good condition which should match with your belt.

All your clothing should be well cleaned, well pressed and neat. On the morning of the interview, one should take a shower or bathe and wear deodorant. Brush your teeth before you leave for the interview as this will make you look fresh. Comb your hair or keep it in good condition and conservative and for those with beards, shave in the morning of the interview.



Avoid bright and loud colors and flashy tie.

Avoid cologne or after shave as these might be allergic to the interviewer.

Also don’t smoke before the interview and avoid eating heavily.
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When you dress professionally you show a lot of respect for yourself, the company and the interviewer. If you dress well, the interviewer’s perception will be that you are professional and competent enough to take the position you had applied for.

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