The Interview Attire, Part II

In an interview, the first impression is your artier during the interview. The way you present yourself matters more.

Wear a suit with either pants or a skirt and if in doubt, be conservative.


The suit should be comfortable and fit you well. Look for a simple suit and should be black in color. The skirt should be knee-length if you like it short, but can also be long. Very long skirts are considered too trendy for the interview.


A plain colored blouse that is not so bright is the best bet for the interview.

Your jewelry and hair accessories should be kept to a minimum level.

Low heeled shoes is the best and should be closed.

Your clothing should be clean and neat, and hard pressed. In the morning before leaving for the interview take a bath or shower. Wear deodorant.

Take a fresh breath before you leave for the interview.

Conservatively styled hair, which is clean and neat says a lot about you in the interview room. You look more professional if the hair is well polished.


Avoid tight suits, very short skirts that might make you uncomfortable and make you not concentrate with the interview.


Avoid bright colors for your blouse or with animal prints. Very long nails are discouraged with unusual colors.

Flashy, distracting or shinny jewelry are not supposed to be worn. Perfume might be allergic to the interviewer. Avoid smoking before you go for the interview.

Dressing professionally shows respect for the company, yourself and the interviewer.  It might not be the dress code for the company, but this makes you look more professional and a serious person to be given that position you’ve been looking for.

Dress professional for an interview.

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