Right Sunglasses for the Right Face Shape

There is one accessory that is everyone’s favourite and it is equal to fashion and function. Sunglasses are the best way to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun while simultaneously being number one thing you can do to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from developing around your eyes. Picture when you go outside the house and it is bright. What do you do? You squint to protect your eyes from the light because if you keep squinting all the time, you eventually are going to get little cross fids and they will actually make you look older than you may actually be.


Though sun rays might be the primary reason for sunglasses, there are other reasons why you can put them on. The fact is that they make someone look super cool if you are wearing a pair that compliments your face. Therefore, I want us to understand more on how to pick sunglasses for your face shape.


Typically, there are going to be multiple sunglass shapes that look great on a particular face shape.  However, usually there is going to be one that look particularly awesome. It a definite thing that you are already questioning yourself – what face shape are you and which sunglass would look great on you?

When it comes to face shapes, we have four types of shapes namely Oval, Square, Rounded and Triangular. By now, you definitely can tell what shape you are. Next step is on how to pick the appropriate sunglasses. It is all about contrast and balance. What I mean by that is your sunglasses shape, needs to contrast your face shape.

On sunglass shapes, we have round, square and then everything else, which really doesn’t fit in any one specific category. Manufacturers have taken elements of rounded and square sunglasses and have combined them, mixing them up into a bunch of different options.

If you have a rounded face, say no to rounded glasses. You need something structured; talk of squares or rectangles.

If you are this person with very strong structure jaws, you definitely need a sunglass that is a little bit more flowing and soft. You should not go for rectangle and square sunglasses because there is too much ‘squareness’ going on.


If you have an oval face shape, you definitely want to stay away from oval and circular shaped sunglasses. You need something structural and angular.

If you fall under the rectangular category, you are lucky because you can get away with anything but not rectangular shaped sunglasses.


One more thing you need to note, regardless of the sun glass shapes and face shapes, it is important to wear glasses that are the right size. Actually if you get to buy sunglasses, which are actually the width of your cheekbones you are in good shape and these works for everybody. When the glasses are wider than the cheekbone, the glasses are going to look big and if they are smaller than your cheekbone, they are going to look smaller. Remember all these are recommendations you need to try on the glasses to get your right sunglasses for your shape.

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