Dropped Waist Dress

Drooped Waist

This is a style of a dress where the waistline of the dress is positioned at the hips rather than the waist. The drop-waist dress is associated with the 1920s.

drop waist.png

It’s considered or viewed to be relaxed and comfortable. The dress fit loosely from the shoulder to the hips, transitioning into gathered pleated skirt at the hip, rather than the natural waist. The dress works with specific body types.

Dropped waist dress.png

Apple shape

When the body carries weight on the tummy, the dress is the best bet for you. The dress tends to draw attention away from the mid-section to the lower section. The dress tends to balance the legs and the torso. If the hemline is short and flowing.


The dress is the best for showing off long legs. A short drop-waist dress is good for a slender body type. A slender body can wear both loose-fitting and more fitted drop-waist dress.

Dropped waist.png

Plus size

A loose-fitting dress will draw attention to your legs.

plus size.png

Hour glass and pear shaped figure


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