Body Suit

Body Suit

According to Wikipedia, a body suit or a short hand body is a one-piece form-fitting garment that covers the torso and crotch. It is similar to a one-piece swimsuit.


The body suit can be made from different fabrics that include cotton, lace or nylon. Body suits vary in style. Some may have sleeves while others may not have. With straps at the shoulder and others with collar while others without.

Lady Gaga


The outfit for the lady Gaga was a top secret and was only kept known to her for the half-time Super Bowl performance.


She jumped onto the stage wearing a Silver Body suit with matching boots. She performed on the costumes but changed to a Golden Bolero.


Super Bowl is an annual championship game of the national football league (NFL). This is the highest level of the professional American football in the world. It is a culmination of a season which begins in the late summer of the previous calendar year (Wikipedia).

The National football league (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL) were two rival leagues. An agreement between the two leagues was created that the two leagues champion teams would play in the AFL-NFL world championship game until they begun a merger in 1970. The league was redesigned as a conference after the merger and has been played since that time to-date.

Normally the suit is worn with a trouser or a skirt. Women wear the suit as underwear, foundation garments or active wear. It is considered a form of athletic wear.


The body suit was presented in the united states after 1950 by a fashion designer Claire McCardell and was a progression from Leotard.


The suit also worn as a T-shirt or a blouse.


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