Bare Shoulder Swetter

As a youth or rather a young person, we love to be flexible especially when it comes to dressing. Too much clothes on us is tiresome and annoying as well. We love romance in the air for the best of it. We want an attire that will cater for whatever the weather something most people may believe is impossible. I have had in the past a tendency of dropping sweaters at different places because it got too warm forcing me to put it out and down thus forgetting it. It sucks since they happen to be the best I ever have.

Bare 1.png

Wearing a bra, a shirt or blouse or T-shirt, then top it up with a sweater seems like a long list to me because that’s what we go through as ladies but…..that’s not just how it must be. What if, say I introduced to you an outfit that would cater for all the many clothing you put on. Yeah there’s one.

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Bare shoulder sweater. Don’t mistake or misinterpret it for just the “sweater “it’s more than that. The outfit “bare shoulder “was developed from a result of an accident. Amelie had this dearly long time sweater, unfortunately she was growing but it wasn’t so as she tried to put it on it couldn’t go past her head, therefore she decided to cut the neckline just a bit but it went extreme. She decided not to care and just put it on as it was. One side of her shoulder the sweater dropped exposing part of her shoulder skin. Guess what, the ladies who saw her in it, loved it and made it their fashion too.

Bare 3.png

From a sweater, it was worn as a top or say blouse and a sweater as well. It’s designed to expose your shoulders and oh yes, it’s a female outwear. It doesn’t require some tops alongside it. It can serve the purposes of a top, a crop top, a sweater, a dress top and a dress as well. You can match it with a pair of leggings tight trousers or none of these. Boots, high heels and flat shoes are just fine to go.

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It could also be tight, fitting or even loose, completely sleeveless, with designed sleeves or with full sleeves with cut out shoulders. It perfectly suits young ladies with spotless smooth shoulders and back. You could also top it up with a scarf. Match the color just as neutral to fit both casual and official purposes.

Bare 5.png

See you will agree it’s a multipurpose outfit, simple and logical. When summer time is on you are on with it when it’s a little colder you are good. Cooool!!right?! Why won’t you get one now?

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