Ball Gown

Ball Gown


Have a social occasion, then the ball gown is the best bet for you. This is the most formal female attire for social occasion like the white tie.


A Ball gown according to Cambridge English dictionary, this is a formal dress that is often made from an expensive material and usually has a long skirt.


Traditionally the ball gown was meant for formal events, but as things keep on changing, the dress has also evolved. The dress can also be worn in casual events like in proms.



A nice necklace, bracelets, earrings and fingerings can be worn. As the dresses are classy, also the jewellery should be classy. White gown can be worn with diamond jewellery. For a black gown, then silver or platinum jewellery would be the best bet for to complement the black dress. Do not wear heavy jewellery with a ball dress, as the main focus should be on the dress.


The gloves have three lengths;

  1. Wrist length
  2. Elbow gloves
  3. Opera or full length gloves

Opera length gloves are worn with the ball dresses. The best gloves for the dresses are made of satin or velvets or nets.



An opera coat is a very long coat. It extends to the floor and is usually loosely fitted. The opera coat is usually made of satin, velvet or brocade. They are worn over the ball gown.

If one doesn’t want to cover the entire dress, then a stole can be used instead of the opera coat.


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