A-Line Dress

A-Line Dress

According to Wikipedia Christian Dior, a French designer was the first to introduce the term “A-Line”. An A-Line dress is a dress fitted on the top part of the body. The dress is narrow at the waist and gradually widens after the hips, flaring gently. It resembles the letter “A”. Hence the name A-Shape. It is also used to describe coats and skirts with similar shape.

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Traditionally an A-Line dress or skirt has no pleats or slits, but it may have darts or seams at the hip in order to improve the fit and the shape.

The dress comes in different sizes. It can be short or long. Others are mod mini, midi or mid-calf length.

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The dress is very girly and romantic. This is one of the most versatile styles of the dresses that ladies can wear. Versatile in the sense that it can be worn by different body types.


When you Match your accessories to the color of the dress, the accessories and the dress looks balanced. This is the easiest way to accessorise. For example, when wearing a light pink dress, you can choose pink or rose coloured accessories. It doesn’t have to be exact color to the dress, the accessories can be darker. You can also decide to choose a secondary color on the dress to match your accessories.


The belt can be worn so as to bring emphasis and attention to the waist. This can be part of the accessories.

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The best shape for a necklace is either “V” or “U” neck dresses.


Wear heels for a formal event if you are wearing a gown.

While going to the beach in a sun dress, you are good to go with sandals instead of closed-toed shoe.

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Hand bags

While dressing for a formal event do not use a large or bulky handbags. A basic black leather handbag is versatile and can be used with any dress.

Clothe bags or straws can be good for the beach or informal events.

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